Learning Forward ~

Reflecting, Revising and Celebrating Together

What do you now know? What was easy? Challenging? Surprising? Or an unexpected delight? What are lessons learned? What advice would you give for NEXT time?


Metacognition - the practice of thinking about thinking - revealing what is known and not known YET. Metacognition can be used an effective learning path for knowing yourself; your capacity to learn; the processes successfully used or not; and concepts now understood or not. Reflective Practice yields higher quality learning and results.

Collaboration - If learning really is a social process (75% of learning is informal), then collaboration accelerates what is known and understood along with the capacity to transfer to other situations. In recent years, learning has been re-conceptualized from an additive process characterized by an individual's acquisition of knowledge using socially-enabled processes.

Reflective Directions - Past - Present - Future

  • Reflecting ON Action - PAST [Summative]
  • Reflecting IN Action - PRESENT [Informative]
  • Reflecting FOR Action - FUTURE [Learning Forward / Goals]

Reflective practice with others can be useful at the beginning of designing the task - during implementation process or at the closing of projects to develop summative, lessons learned. Consider calling together colleagues and/or student teams when . . .

a. ~ inventing new tasks / processes / learning experiences
b. ~ experiencing difficulty with the work
c. ~ a stopping point has been reached
d. ~ additional minds (thinkers new to the work) could help move it forward
e. ~ gathering what you now know to apply to NEXT or future events - learning forward


AM Topics

  • Go-Arounds
  • Power of Collaboration
  • Learning Forward
  • Fine-Tuning Protocol ~ Fishbowl Practice
  • Tuning Rounds

PM Topics

  • Tuning Rounds
  • Collaborative Tools
  • Lessons Learned

Tools Used Today

• MicroBlogging a la Today's Meet