Passion-based Learning [Day 2]

~ Tapping Into Passion-based Learning ~ Portfolios ~ Decisions

Guiding Questions for AM
  • How do reflection routines extend learning?
  • What indicators will benchmark building a collaborative culture?
  • What essential role(s) will critical friend routines in collaborative cultures?
  • What is the influence of IQ? EQ?
  • What is the influence of learning styles? intelligences?
  • What is the influence of Habits of Mind a la Costa for learners?
  • Who are YOU? Introducing, celebrating and sharing Pecha Kucha style?
  • How are learning styles / work styles the same or different?
  • What is THEIR work style?
  • How will the path of progress and successes be charted a la portfolios?
  • What will be the 30 Sec Elevator Talk for Academy 21?
  • What are our BEST HOPES and WORST FEARS?
  • What is my role as WAVE PACKET Activator?
  • How will decision styles - approaches - tools will serve our project and students?
  • What norms / protocols for work ahead? [Consensus Style]
  • What competencies will guide A21 teaching practices, evidence and portfolios? [Consensus]
  • How will project learning curves be organized/managed?
  • How will processes/structures be decided?
  • How will our resourcefulness be sustainable?

Outcomes for AM
  • Understanding influence of diversity on our learning successes.
  • Strategies for coaching independent learners willing and able to take responsibility.
  • Identifying readiness for leading, living, and nurturing new cultures.
  • Preparing for Learning Portfolios – Reflecting, Mentoring, Documenting and Archiving.
  • Tapping into Expertise – Distributed Learning with Critical Friend Circles

Agenda Topics AM

Opening the Circle ~Go-Arounds [CSI Thinking Routine]
  • Topic: Why Blogging? ROL or not?
  • Process: Blogging as Reflective Practice [Protocols]
  • Process: Micro-Blogging [Protocols]
  • Process: Shaping Benchmarks for Collaborative Cultures [Flip-Chart Evidence Groups]
  • Topic: Forming Critical Friend Circles
  • Topic: Shaping / Grouping Student Teams
  • Discussion: IQ vs EQ - Take a Stand [Dialogue Debating]
  • Topic: Digital Debating Opportunities
  • Discussion: Influence of learning styles - intelligences - HOM on learning
  • Topic: Learning Styles vs Working Styles - What's the Difference?
  • Process: What is THEIR Style? [Survey Inventory]
  • Topic: What is your Digital Footprint? [Digital Citizenship & Personal Branding]
  • Topic: Portfolios ~ Types / Purpose / Processes
  • Process: Expectations / Beliefs / Ideas / ROL
  • Process: Portfolio Learning Lab [PMI Thinking Routine]
  • Topic: I-imagine™: Taking My Place in the World Project
  • OPEN Decision: Portfolios Your Way!
  • Process: 30 Sec Elevator Talks ~ [Think-Pair-Share Thinking Routine]
  • Process: Best HOPES / WORST Fears
  • Topic: Wave Packet Activators - YOU Make the Difference!
  • Topic: Decision Making Styles
  • Process: Creating Group Norms / Protocols for Working Together! [Consensus]
  • Process: Creating Competencies to Guide Teaching Practices and Portfolios [Consensus]
  • Topic: Digital Brainstorming Strategy a la [Work Flow]
  • Topic: Organizing Team Learning Curves [Delegating Decision-Making w/ Input]
  • Topic: Sustaining Resourcefulness: Firewalls and Watering Holes [Having Fun NOW]
    • What do you do when YOU don’t know?
    • How do you react to criticism?
    • What turns around frustration, unhappiness, energy drains or un-resourcefulness for you?
Closing the Circle - Take My Advice

Today's Handouts and Links

Learning Lab for ePortfolio