All Technology Uses are NOT Equal [Day 2 PM]

Guiding Questions for PM
  • What is the role of technology and 21st Century thinking in accelerating a culture of learning across our classrooms?
  • What are three categories of learning with technology uses?
  • How can uses of technology be sorted for NOT – LOTS and HOTS?
  • What does rigor and relevance look like in digital products? Or NOT!
  • What technology tools can inspire learners' capacity for learning, thinking, and communicating as meaning-makers and media-makers?
  • What tools are already in place that will assist A21? What might still be needed?
  • Which practices / competencies (existing, proposed, yet-to-be-envisioned) support our project shifting from a CLOSED information-consumption culture to an OPEN culture nurturing information-producers of authentic PBL tasks?

Outcomes for PM
  • Understanding three categories of learning with technology uses?
  • Sorting for HOT or not.
  • Sorting learner’s evidence for demonstrating mastery and understanding.
  • Reflecting and organizing project tools.

Agenda Topics for PM

Today's Handouts and Links